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A grassroots effort to strengthen Wisconsin's OWI Laws

Ash Grad PicAshley was born on December 27, 1989 in Waukesha, Wisconsin and spent most of her youth in Green Bay where she attended grade school at St. Mark Lutheran School. Ashley attended high school at Fox Valley Lutheran High School and graduated with high honors on May 24, 2008. Ashley excelled in her academics and entered the nursing program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) while still completing her final semester of high school. Ashley was a “natural” with people and was looking forward to a career in nursing. She was never given that opportunity to serve others and murdered by a drunk driver ten-days after graduating from high school.  

In high school, Ashley lettered in tennis, sang in the mixed and treble choir, participated in mock trial, and performed in various plays and productions. She was also a gifted poet and wrote often. Her favorite book was the "Little Prince" and her life exemplified her character, never losing sight of the child like view of life that most forget about as they age.  

Ashley enjoyed serving others and was always a true friend, often standing by them during most difficult times when others wouldn't. She was also the big sister to her younger brother, Noah, and sister, Madeline. Even though she worked three part-time jobs, she always found time for family, including her parents, Mike & Lisa Knetzger. Ashley would never say goodbye when walking out the door, but rather joyfully quipped, "Love you all."  

On June 3, 2008, Ashley spent the day volunteering at the Fox Valley Lutheran Tennis camp  coaching and teaching the younger players.  Later that evening she worked at Red Robin and then spent time with her good friend, Talhia Heroux, also 18. At 9:28 p.m., Talhia was driving her Buick east on Willard Drive at S. Oneida Street. Ashley was in the front passenger seat. They were both on their way back to Texas Roadhouse. They followed the green light in front of them and drove into the intersection.

Crash 1

A speeding 2,000 pound bullet, a silver Porsche Boxter, driven by 46-year-old Anrietta Geske  was speeding south on S. Oneida Street approaching Willard Drive. Anrietta had just finished an evening of drinking at a west side Green Bay bar. Drunk, she decided to race another car and slammed the accelerator to the floor, ramming through each gear. The Porsche reached speeds in excess of 80 miles-per-hour on this 30 mile-per-hour road, a heavily traveled entertainment and business district. The Porsche never slowed for the red light at Willard Drive. 

The Porsche slammed into the driver's side of Talhia's Buick. Neither Ashley or Talhia had a chance. The Porsche  pierced and penetrated nearly half-way through the Buick. The impact was so massive that the Buick wrapped around the Porsche and sprung back. Both cars were “stuck” together and slid over 120-feet from point of impact to final rest. Ashley and Talhia were murdered; both lives cut short by the actions of Anrietta Geske, a “first offense” drunk driver. In March 2009, after a week-long jury trial, Anrietta Geske was found guilty of two counts of homicide by intoxicated use, two counts of first degree reckless homicide, and one count of recklessly endangering safety. Brown County Circuit Court Judge Sue Bischel sentenced Anrietta Geske to 80-years in the Wisconsin State prison system.  

Ashley HeadstoneThis site is dedicated to Ashley’s memory. She was a difference maker and it’s our goal to make a difference in Wisconsin and prevent drunk driving deaths. Unfortunately, Wisconsin ranks within the top five states for alcohol related problems and coddles first offense drunk drivers, regardless of how dangerous they are. A first offense drunk driver is merely issued a traffic citation (an ordinance violation – not a crime) with no risk of jail time or other sanctions except a license suspension or revocation. Attitudes towards drinking and driving need to change and we hope this Web site can serve as yet another avenue of change.  Please visit our legislative page for additional information.  

A scholarship fund has been established in Ashley’s memory at the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Foundation. Ashley’s scholarship benefits a student each year that is pursuing a nursing degree. The ideal student to receive this award will exemplify high academics and service to the community. Donations can be sent directly to the NWTC Foundation, P.O. Box 19042, Green Bay, WI 54307-9042. All donations are tax deductable. Please note on your check or money order that your donation should be directed to the “Ashley Knetzger Scholarship.”  


2009 Ashley Knetzger