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Our primary mission is to prevent drunk driving and the too often tragic consequences that come from it. Drunk driving in Wisconsin is an epidemic that needs a cure. Wisconsin has the highest rate of drunk driving in the nation, which makes our roads among the most dangerous. Wisconsin is also the most lenient state in the nation and does not criminalize the first offender; even though they account for most fatalities and serious injuries. Attitudes towards drunk driving in Wisconsin need to change.

We take a proactive approach to combating drunk driving and changing attitudes through a combination of efforts that seek to educate, inform, and raise awareness to effectively change behavior. Our multi-dimentional approach includes:

Changing Wisconsin Legislation

We support criminalizing first offense drunk driving, which would make it a misdemeanor. We know that certain punishment has a deterrent effect. States that hold drunk drivers accountable have fewer incidences of arrest, injuries, and fatalities. We support the current legislation (Bill AB547) being proposed by State Representatives Peggy Krusick, Jim Ott, and Gary Bies, as well as Senators Alberta Darling, Tim Carpenter, and Luther Olsen.  Currently, first offenders in Wisconsin are merely issued a municipal court traffic ticket and not subjected to any possibility of jail time. See our legislative page for more information regarding proposed legislation.

Touching the Lives of Others

Through dynamic, very real, and emotionally impacting presentations, we have touched the lives of thousands of students, young adults, and criminal justice professionals. Ashley's father, Mike Knetzger, regularly presents to high schools, community groups, and law enforcement organizations. Mr. Knetzger's presentations have touched the hearts and minds of audiences throughout Wisconsin. Recent presentations include:

We support the Every 15 Minutes program, which is a nationwide educational experience that reminds high school students of the dangers associated with driving while impaired. Although the fatal crash is staged, the emotions are real. To find out more and to offer an Every 15 Minutes program at your school, please visit

Please contact us via email if you’re interested in having Mr. Knetzger present at your event. Please include the nature of the event along with the anticipated date and time.

Ashley Knetzger OWI Enforcement Award

OWI Envelope

We realize that law enforcement officers are not recognized enough for what they do to keep our streets safe. In an effort to reduce drunk driving related crashes and fatalities, we have established the Ashley Knetzger OWI Award. This annual award is currently given to the Green Bay Police Officer that makes the most OWI arrests in a year. If your agency is interested in establishing a similar award program, please email us.

In conjunction with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) and the Green Bay Police Department, we have also developed an emotionally impacting OWI envelope that is given to arrested drunk drivers. The envelope is a sobering reminder of the dangers of drunk driving. The envelopes are yet another tool to help reduce the rate of drunk driving. If your agency is interested in establishing a similar OWI envelope, please email us.

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