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Grassroots organizations become successful when the stakeholders ban together under a common goal to affect change. This page is dedicated to all victim families that have been impacted by a drunk driver. This page allows victims and families to share their stories with others. It also allows us to network and further highlight the nature of the problem in Wisconsin. Sadly, all victims of drunk drivers and their families share a common bond and have become members of a "club" that nobody invited them to. Collectively, as a coalition and group with a common goal, we can make a difference in Wisconsin and save lives.

Jenkins On April 25, 2008, 39-year-old Jennifer Bukosky, her ten-year-old daughter, Courtney Bella, and Jennifer's unborn child, Sophie Bukosky, were murdered by an impaired driver. The defendant had three prior drunk driving convictions; the most recent conviction two days before he became a murderer and was out on bail.  

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